With the Debt Manager, issuers now have a tool to create a comprehensive and easy-to-access library of information on outstanding obligations.

Users of the debt management system benefit from having instant access to information regarding all past and present debt issuances complete with: debt service schedules broken down to the CUSIP level, detailed sources and uses of funds, call structures and redemptions, allocation of debt service to various funds and other related information such as financing participants, ratings history, etc.

Emphasys TDM Debt Management

With the SymPro Debt Manager you will be able to:

  • Archive all data related to debt issuance and provide easy access by multiple stakeholders across the organization
  • Improve accuracy by automatically generating debt service schedules, accrual of interest, amortization of premiums, discounts, and costs of issuance, and CAFR reporting
  • Streamline internal accounting for outstanding obligations by automatically creating general ledger journal entries.
  • Plan for future debt offerings more efficiently.
  • Automate and enhance internal and external debt reporting.


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