With offices across the country, Emphasys has been an industry leader in providing integrated Treasury Management Software solutions to the public sector for over 25 years. We offer best of breed Treasury solutions that automate and simplify core investment, debt and cash accounting operations to increase reliability in financial reporting, improve workflow and reduce manual effort and errors associated with managing treasury processes.

Our many pioneering techniques in Government Treasury Operations have simplified the lives of thousands of treasury professionals. Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on our SymPro and Treasury Desktop lines to comprehensively manage investment, debt and cash portfolios with increased accuracy and efficiency – leading to data integrity, standardization and reliability. The software is modular, allowing you to configure a solution for your specific environment. Our products typically replace “home grown” (internal) spreadsheet systems or outdated legacy system,s which are inadequate for the complex informational and reporting requirements of today’s treasury managers. More than 450 clients nationwide, managing investment, debt and cash portfolios ranging from 25 million to several billion dollars, rely on us for their daily treasury management and reporting needs.


We are committed to consistent enhancements of our Sympro and Treasury Desktop products by utilizing two major outside sources to drive improvements. The first source is the direct feedback provided by our customers. Our philosophy is to actively solicit the ideas and needs of our clients and incorporate them into the product. The second source is the treasury management marketplace itself. We closely monitor the compliance issues and product innovations that appear on the market, following any leads that may develop into future features and enhancements. We actively participate in numerous professional forums and conferences as part of this strategy. By continually improving and upgrading our product to serve the needs of our clients and the marketplace, Emphasys continues to solidify its position as an innovative leader in portfolio and treasury management systems.